Courtney and Ellie Jackson

WOW, can you believe an entire year has come and gone so quickly!? Courtney Jackson and I met a year ago in the exact same spot— The Chicago Botanical Gardens.  This year however,  it was not just Courtney and I. Imagine a stroller, the diaper bag, lots of toys, and well numerous pink outfits, and but the most important piece of it all was that lil’ baby ELLIE has arrived and is about to turn one!

This family is so special to me, and it has been a pure joy watching lil’ Ellie grow over the past year, so when I got the opportunity to return to the Gardens with both of them, I knew it was going to be a blast! Ellie was well rested and had a full stomach, which meant she was ready to begin her modeling… and well that is exactly what she did for us! She had her hands up, she had her teeth showing, and let me tell you this lil’ girl knows how to rock cowboy boots like no other!

The more time we spent together, the funnier Ellie was. She managed to make it through the entire day without shedding a tear, and for a 1 year-old, that’s pretty darn impressive!  I cannot thank you both; Court and Ellie for such an amazing day! I hope you enjoy some of the beautiful shots I captured on one of the most colorful fall days of October with the Jackson girls!!

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1 thought on “Courtney and Ellie Jackson

  1. Allie, I honestly can’t thank you enough. These photos have brought tears of joy! We are so lucky to have you in our lives. This year has been so special and we are blessed to have you capture these moments so beautifully. Not only are you a wonderful photographer, but you have such a way with words. Truly amazing my dear!

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