Chloe Johnston

Meeting with the Johnston Family was nothing but beauty on this sunny September Chicago day.

Lil’ Chloe Johnston is 7 months old, and has been going through many exciting changes these past few weeks!




She just took her first crawls on Friday, and with a little encouragement from mom and dad, we got some great shots from her first time crawling on the grass— yay!



Chloe was a real trooper throughout the entire shoot. She not only rocked some of the coolest outfits,  but she even has quite possibly more hair accessories than I do– yes, I said it!

Despite not knowing how HOT it would end up being, I know I enjoyed the entire day with the Johnston Family. Many of the great shots we captured were possible due to all the great songs and noises that Josh and Sarah know lil’ Chloe loves!



This family will truly continue to bring all the happiness you see in the  photos to all that surrond them. Thanks again Josh, Sarah, and Chloe Johnston!

To enjoy more photos from the shoot, check out the gallery in “tiny fingers and toes”!…



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